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2012 Honda VisionIntroduction
Honda’s credentials in the scooter market are unsurpassed. The first Honda scooter, the 1954 Juno K, featured advanced technology and materials, like an electric start four-stroke engine, a full windscreen and fibreglass-reinforced plastic body parts. Four years later the revolutionary four-stroke Super Cub was introduced, and went on to excel at mobilising the world’s population. From the cities of Europe to the villages of Japan, millions of customers have bought Super Cubs for their daily use, happy in the knowledge they would never be let down by the fantastically reliable little machine. In total over 60 million Super Cubs have been produced since 1958.

By continuing to create products and technologies aimed at making customers’ lives more convenient and fun, and by providing environmentally-friendly products at an affordable price, Honda hopes to share and expand its joy with its customers, and ensure joy for the next generation. Designed from the outset to offer comfort and convenience at a very competitive price, the all-new Vision 110 offers the timeless qualities of convenience and reliability, combined with advanced solutions like fuel injection and Honda’s Combined Braking System (CBS). The Vision 110 is set to offer the joy of safe and affordable personal transport to a new generation of consumers.

Development concept
Commuter models around the world are evolving in unique ways to meet different local needs. This means commuter models that are altogether different in character are being sold in a diversity of forms and designs; yet a product that can span the globe to bring joy while fulfilling customer needs is extremely rare. With the Vision 110, Honda is determined to meet a broad spectrum of needs at a high level that will bring maximum joy to all its customers throughout the world.

With a four-stroke 110cc engine offering ample performance together with superb fuel economy – the Vision 110 is ready for anything, whether it’s the run to college or a trip to the coffee shop to meet friends. But convenience is about more than an electric start or good fuel economy, and the Vision also boasts a large storage space under the seat, an advanced and easy to use instrument panel and, crucially, ergonomics that make it comfortable for both rider and passenger.

The final key parameter in the Vision project was price. Despite its sophisticated specifications, the scooter has been designed to be affordable by a huge range of customers. To achieve this, Honda developed a purchasing strategy that allowed it to use the most appropriate suppliers throughout the world. The result is a machine that balances low cost with high quality.

Main features

  • · Sleek, attractive body design with comfortable seating for two, generous storage compartment under the seat and a large 5.5-litre fuel tank.


  • · Fuel efficient and reliable 110cc four-stroke engine with PGM-FI fuel injection and electric start.


  • · Attractive price, both for young riders and for adult consumers looking for an alternative mode of transportation, particularly for commuting in congested areas.


  • · Confident handling and good manoeuvrability thanks to a rigid and lightweight frame.


  • · Honda’s Combined Braking System (CBS), which links the front and rear brakes to provide swift, stable braking regardless of rider experience or road conditions.


  • · Sophisticated styling with attractive, premium colour options.

Ergonomic design


Relaxed riding position

The Vision has been designed to be very comfortable for both the rider and passenger. The ergonomically sculpted one-piece seat is set at a height of 760mm, giving plenty of legroom while also making the scooter easy to handle. At speed both rider and passenger have room enough to be comfortable, but the compact dimensions also give it superb agility in tight city streets. The vehicle’s narrow width also means the rider can easily put his or her foot down when required.

Confident handling feel
Allied to the stable, highly manoeuvrable chassis, the position of the handlebars have been carefully designed to give the rider a feeling of confident control. The machine’s very low overall kerb weight of just 102.1kg is crucial here too, making the Vision 110 easy to handle in all conditions.

Versatile and secure underseat storage compartment

With space enough for shopping, full-face helmet, careful packaging design has yielded a large and convenient storage space under the seat. Meticulous engineering has enabled this space to be maximised without compromising the size of the fuel tank, and therefore the range of the machine.

Convenient leg shield storage

The leg shield in front of the rider provides not only effective weather protection but also additional storage: the two open compartments are ideal for holding drinks bottles effectively.

User-friendly design details

Since convenience was one of the core values in the scooter’s design, every detail has been considered to make the Vision 110 easy to use. On the instrument panel an easy-to-read analogue fuel gauge shows remaining fuel at a glance, while helmet holders on both side of the underseat compartment allow helmets to be secured to the machine while leaving the compartment free to store luggage. An aluminium rear rack has been installed, ready to mount an optional top box, while retractable pillion steps give passenger security when required but fold away when not in use to preserve the machine’s sleek profile. A side stand further enhances the machine’s practicality.


Unmistakably Honda

With its taut surfaces, sharp lines and aggressively-styled headlight, the Vision 110 is a striking, contemporary-looking machine. Despite its affordable price there’s no disguising the visual links between it and other more expensive scooters in the Honda range. Sitting purposefully on its cast wheels, the Vision has the road presence of a much bigger scooter and cuts an attractive dash on city streets.


Thanks to its flat inner floor and relatively long wheelbase, the Vision 110 has plenty of space for rider and passenger, ensuring comfort even on longer rides. At the same time the powerful headlight unit enhances round-the-clock usability, while the movable front fender, which turns with the front wheel, is very effective at shielding the machine and rider from road dirt, rainwater and other debris.

Colouring concept

Wide range of colour options

Five colour options are available to allow customers to choose a colour that perfectly matches their individual preference.

  • · Boss Grey Metallic


  • · Pearl White


  • · Candy Lucid Red


  • · Candy Aruja Blue


Lightweight, compact and practical four-stroke engine

The brief for the engine for the Vision was demanding. It had to be powerful, fuel efficient, lightweight and compact in order to give the best possible user experience, but at the same time price was all-important. To meet these criteria, Honda’s established expertise in four-stroke technology has been fully utilised to deliver efficiency and performance.

Fuel efficient

To meet the exacting requirements of the brief, the Vision 110 uses an air-cooled, four-stroke 110cc single-cylinder OHC engine. By choosing air-cooling the weight and complexity of radiators and a coolant pump have been eliminated, while only four-stroke could offer the efficiency, ease-of-use and impressive quietness required. Inside the engine, detailed engineering has yielded reduced levels of friction, further boosting efficiency.

Fuel injection
Controlled by an advanced programmed fuel injection system (PGM-FI), the engine uses finely tuned injection technology to meet and indeed exceed the most stringent global standard for eco-friendliness. The system is configured to give easy-to-use power characteristics.

Low emissions

The engine’s PGM-FI system works together with a tri-metal catalyst in the exhaust to deliver low emissions.

Premium feel

With a competitive power output, complete reliability and quiet running, the Vision’s engine gives the performance and levels of sophistication normally associated with more expensive rivals. Low levels of noise and vibration are critical to this premium feel.



Round steel-tube frame body, compact suspension

Extremely compact but with the rigidity required for confident handling, the underbody frame is a suitably strong skeleton for the Vision 110. At the front of the scooter, telescopic forks with hydraulic damping keep the ride smooth and composed over the roughest of city streets, while a compact offset damper controls the movement of the rear unit swing arm without stealing space from the underseat storage area or the fuel tank.

Premium braking system
The Vision offers high levels of safety thanks to its advanced CBS Combined Braking System. The system links the left brake lever to both the rear (130mm drum) and front brakes, optimising the braking effort at both tyres to give strong, secure stopping in all conditions. The right brake lever controls the front brake alone, a powerful but controllable 190mm disc.

Specifications – Vision

Type                                            Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC 2v single

Displacement                              108cc

Bore ´ Stroke                             50 x 55mm

Compression Ratio                     9.5 : 1

Max. Power Output                    5.97kW / 8000min-1 (95/1/EC)

Max. Torque                               8.4Nm / 6500min-1 (95/1/EC)

Oil capacity                                 0.80 litres
Carburation                                 PGM-FI programmed fuel injection system

Air-cleaner capacity                   3 litres

Fuel Tank Capacity                    5.5 litres

Fuel Consumption                      52km/l (146.9mpg) at 60km/h (37.3mph)
Ignition System                           Full-transistor battery ignition

Starter                                         Electric

Battery Capacity                         12V/6AH

ACG Output                                209W
Clutch                                         Dry-type, multi-plate shoe

Transmission Type                     Continuously variable (V-Matic)

Transmission gear ratio              0.82~2.52

Final Drive                                  V-belt
Type                                            Underbone; steel tube
Dimensions              (L´W´H)     1843mm x 660mm x 1094mm

Wheelbase                                  1255mm

Caster Angle                               26.5°

Trail                                             83.1mm

Seat Height                                 760mm

Ground Clearance                      125mm

Kerb Weight                                102.1kg (F: 40.8kg; R: 61.3kg)

Type                               Front     Telescopic forks with hydraulic damping

Rear     Unit swingarm
Tyre Size                       Front     80/90-14

Rear     90/90-14
Type                               Front     220mm disc

Rear     130mm drum  

All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.

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