MotoGP Japan

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Following on last weeks upset of Marc Marquez getting disqualified and loosing valuable points, the Japanese race was not without event. Rain made it hard for the racers to fine tune their killer machines and it seems all had to compromise. Now take that and slap on some new brake disks almost the size of the rim and you have some exciting racing. When even legends the likes of Rossi had a moment or two, it just goes to show that even the seemingly smallest of changes can have an undesired result.

This didn’t deter the big dogs. Jorge, Mark and Dani who seemed to be one bike for a good portion of the race. You have to give it to these guys, hanging off the side of a 200kg monster going speeds which most of us wont do in a straight line and still managing to keep it all together.  This truly is the top of motorcycle racing in my opinion. Jorge brought the win home for the blues,  beating Honda on their own track and with that he is back in the running for the championship. So it seems that this season will have all of us on the edge of our seats. I suppose only time will tell if the rookie has what it takes to break almost every record in the book and take the championship.  I may be a Yamaha fan, but I will be rooting for the flamboyant Marc.