RST Tractech Evo Glove

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I’ve owned my trusty Karl Wolf gloves for the better part of 10 years now, and were starting to wear out. When I walked into TracMac in Paarden Eiland, I was actually looking for something else, but ended up looking around at the glove section and the RST Tractech Evo gloves caught my attention. They had the most beautiful luminous green ones, but my wife quickly told me to put them down. Apparently she isn’t a fan of luminous green. She handed me a red and black pair which I must admit, looked super nice. I took this as her approval that I may buy them. I wasn’t going to pass up on this opportunity and bought them for around R1600.

The fit is amazing and so is the protection they offer. Aramid thread is used on all impact areas. Aramid thread is a heat-resistant thread used mainly for aerospace and military applications, as well as ballistic-rated body armor. So you can be assured it’s quite strong. I went for a 80Km ride with them and they are really comfortable to wear, allowing a lot of ventilation whilst giving your wrist a lot of support from the gauntlet.

This glove is suitable for use at trackdays and by the average street rider.

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