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Commemorating Rossi’s incredible pass at Laguna Seca 2008

Increditble diorama model of Valentino Rossi at Leguna Seca 2008 MotoGP

2014 Confederate Motorcycle Calendar

Need a 2014 calendar? Look no further than the Confederate Motorcycles calendar.

2-stroke candles

Whenever I see a Yamaha BWS scooter I always run after it sniffing it’s exhaust fumes like a dog would sniff another dog’s, well, uhm, you know what.  But I’m…

Merry Christmass from Harley-Davidson

To be honest, I think this is a bit fake, but nevertheless, kudos to Harley for trying.

Taliban loves the Honda CG125

Just as the news broke of the Honda CG110 that went on sale in Nigeria, we heard about another Honda that is making news, for all the wrong reasons though. …

Honda CG110 now for sale in Nigeria

Who remembers this little gem? If you were born in the 80’s You’re most likely to remember your dad or someone else owning one of these, there’s a very good…

BMW R nineT Track Grinder by Urban Motor

Urban motor pimps out the new BMW R nine T. Looks seriously cool!

Laying Down The Law

Holidays are around the corner and I’ve heard many times how the Police and Traffic Officials are going to “clamp down on the traffic offenders”.  Personally I have only been…

Production begins on 2014 BMW R nine T

Production started on the BWM R nine T. Take a look at some photos of the bike being built.

Buying the perfect motorcycle

Summer has arrived in lovely Cape Town and the biking weather has started. If you already own a motorcycle you’ll know what a pleasure it is to take a cruise…