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My scaled down passion – the beginning

My scaled down passion – Part 1. The 2003 Ducati 999s – the bike that started it all.

Mercedes-AMG and MV Agusta sign ‘cooperation’ agreement

Mercedes-AMG and MV Agusta sign ‘cooperation’ agreement that sees Mercedes-AMG acquire 25% of MV Agusta

The 47 Ronin

Magpul Industries Corporation created the Ronin Concept Motorcycle. That initial Ronin Motorcycle concept is now brought to life through the design and manufacturing efforts of Ronin Motor Works as a limited release of 47 bikes.

Intermot 2014 round-up

Round-up of 2014 Intermot bike show in Cologne, Germany.

Road (2014)

Motorcycle road racing is the most dangerous of all motor sports. One in which men compete at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour on closed country roads. Roads that are lined with trees, telegraph posts, stone walls. Ireland and the Isle of Man are two of the few places in the world where the sport still survives.

Trust your Guardian Angel

Never ride faster than your Guardian Angel can fly.

Suicide bikes

Do you ride one of these cheap Chinese scooters or motorcycles on the highway? If so, I believe you’re endangering not only your life, but the people around you. Read this and find out why.

The glory days of my youth

Since childhood I’ve been in love with motorcycles. We all have stories on how we got hooked. This is mine.

The Honda from Heaven

After coming around a bend, Jeff Grace get’s taken out by a tumbling Honda CRF450

Lots of POPO on the roads

Are we safer on the roads with more traffic officers patrolling? Only time will tell.