Brave or just plain stupid?

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I have the unfortunate pleasure of having to travel quite far to work every day, it’s around 40km of highway traffic from my home all the way to the office. As far as possible, I try and commute on the motorcycle. We all know how hectic peak hour traffic is and I just don’t fancy spending half my day between first and second gear in a car.

Being on a bike, means you’re ever so slightly higher that average sedans or hatchbacks so you can see into the cars as you drive by. I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve seen operate a cell phone whilst doing more than 100km/h. Not to mention when they’re at a standstill in peak traffic. I’ve actually seen women put on make-up in traffic, and that scares me! Obviously these folks aren’t paying attention to what’s going on around them on the road.

Then you get the fools who change lanes without any form of indication, they see a gap, a gap that is called a “following distance”, but they see it as their opportunity to push in. A couple of times I’ve been at speed in one lane and next thing a car just pulls into my lane forcing me to emergency brake so that I don’t slam into it. People can’t seem to judge speed of approaching vehicles.

Which brings me to the actual reason for this blog entry.  Every morning in traffic, I’m overtaken by some other biker lane-splitting at three times the speed of his surrounding traffic. If one of these make-up applying or cell phone using idiots decide to change lanes without indicating he would be roadkill. Does he not realise that? Don’t get me wrong, I also lane split, but if the cars around me are doing 60km/h then I’ll be at 10km/h more, I just need to overtake them, not try and break any land speed records! With every biker whizzing past me in traffic, I have these visions that I’ll be seeing him a few km’s onward lying in the road after an encounter with a 1980’s Toyota Tazz or something.

I enjoy getting to the office quickly and not being stuck in traffic, but more than that, I value my life. Don’t lane-split at break-neck speeds, you won’t have a chance to take any evasive action, please guys.

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Buks has had a passion for two-wheels since childhood. After his first motorcycle, a fire-breathing two-stroke Yamaha TZR250, he realized he was hooked. When Buks isn't writing for UltimateVelocity he enjoys practicing martial arts, gardening and spending time with his family.