Seller’s big crash at the Buffalo City SuperGP

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I don’t follow racing at all, but being in front of my computer all day long does afford met he ability to see things on the internet as soon as it’s shared.  I saw this video when it had a couple of hundred views, and at the time of posting this it’s around the 23 000 mark.

I watched it a couple of times, but I’m not convinced it’s wind that unsettled his bike, I might be wrong, I’ve never wheelied like that before, on that type of motorcycle, in those conditions. From my uneducated, lack of knowledge and ‘know better’ attitude, I’m forced to call bullshit.

Either way, the funniest part was seeing the bike flip over and over and thinking to myself: “At least he can still use the end can”, but then the bike finally landed exhaust side down, damn! Bad luck dude. Also, would you lay your expensive race bike on it’s side to help a fallen comrade? Hell no! I’ll sit on it and wait for the race medics to arrive.

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