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10 Years ago I got my first die-cast 1:18 scale model motorcycle from my aunt for Christmas, a 2003 Ducati 999s. Little did she know that this would start an obsession that will last a lifetime. All of my models have some significance or meaning to me. Every week I’ll blog about a motorcycle from my collection, in chronological order, telling you more about it, why it’s important and where I got it from.
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2004 BMW

2004 BMW R1200C

Make & Model: 2004 BMW R1200C
From : My Aunt
Date : 13 April 2006
Purchased : Springbok, Northern Cape, ZA

When BMW built the R1200C, they broke the mold. This is a very unique and striking motorcycle that was manufactured from 1997 all the way to 2004. The bike has a 1170cc boxer engine that produced 61Hp.

BWM produced several different models.

  • There was the Avantgarde, which had ABS as an optional extra.
  • The most famous of them all, the Independent, with a single seat and optional extra passenger seat & footpegs and a few other BMW embellishments.
  • They also made a R1200CL which was their first attempt at converting the R1200C into a touring motorcycle.
  • After that they added a CD player and a few chrome bits and called it the R1200CLC.
  • Then finally, in 2004 they changed the overall design by adding vertically stacked lights and braided hoses and called it the Montauk.

There is a famous scene in the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, where James and his lovely female partner jumped on an R1200C Independent, trying to get away from some bad guys who are chasing them on board a helicopter.

Although this seems like a pretty cool bike to own, I haven’t yet managed to spot one on the road, neither have I met someone who owned one. I wonder if that’s supposed to tell me something?

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