Mercedes-AMG and MV Agusta sign ‘cooperation’ agreement

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I’m a big fan of Italian motorcycles and German cars. Two of my favourite manufacturers have decided to team up. According to the press release I received, the sports-car and performance brand Mercedes-AMG of the Daimler AG and the motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta have signed a cooperation agreement on a long-term partnership. This cooperation agreement saw Mercedes-AMG acquire 25% interest in MV Agusta. No details have been disclosed of the price to be paid for the stake in MV Agusta, but I can imagine it being a hefty sum.

The rest of the press release had a bunch of  boring quotes from important figures in both companies, the only other interesting mentioned was that Mercedes-AMG will appoint one member of MV Agusta’s board of directors. The partnership is still subject to the approval of the relevant authorities, which is expected to be granted in late November.

I can’t wait to see what this new partnership will bring.

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