Lots of POPO on the roads

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I’ve been noticing more and more POPO on the N1 highway towards Cape Town lately. I’m on the roads between 05:00 and 06:00 and they’ve just multiplied. One morning I counted around 10 marked police Toyota Hilux bakkies and about 4 marked traffic law enforcement sedans. Motorcycle traffic officers have also increased, I see one or two every week now.

I have a keen eye for ghost squad cars, and I see a boat load of these on the roads as well, most of them are the white Chev Optra’s but I’ve also seen a late model, silver Toyota RAV4 with CF XXXXX number plates, Which is different to the normal CCT XXXXX number plates they have.  I know the RAV4 is a ghost squad car because I saw it turned on it’s flashing lights one morning to warn motorists of a flooded lane on the N1 after a heavy downpour.  I’ve seen a black VW Passat and the usual Honda ST1300’s but seriously guys, you can spot those ST1300’s a mile away because they’re the most ridiculous colours that just stand out like a sore thumb.

Noticing all these cop cars, made me obey the rules even more than I usually do, it also makes me feel safer on the roads to an extent. The biggest threat to any motorist or biker, is the minibus taxi and to know these guys are on the roads, clamping down on unsafe and un-roadworthy cars, bikes, taxis, buses, or any other road going vehicle, makes me happy inside.

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