Cape Town Toy Run 2013

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The Toy Run is the one time of the year when bikers from all walks of life come together united in a good cause, collecting toys for underprivileged children.

The weather was absolutely perfect, so we head on down to one of the starting points, Grand West Casino, here in Cape Town. I immediately noticed much more bikes this year than any of the previous years, I would hazard a guess conservatively around the 5000 mark at my starting point alone, I have no idea how many guys went over to the Ottery site.  Getting everyone to leave in an orderly fashion is always a tough task but it was handled superbly why the marshals in charge.

My only gripe was that having so many bikes on the road at once, it caused a lot of stop and go traffic, which coupled with the scorching sun, wasn’t fun at all.  After making our way to Mynardville, we deposited our toys in the big truck, took a leisurely stroll around the site, visiting the stalls and slowly made our way out again.

I’m fairly certain I’ll be there again next year.

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