The 47 Ronin

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buell-1125-ronin-47-custom-0I was gutted when I heard of the closing down of Buell motorcycles back in 2009. I have always had a soft sport for Buell.

Ronin Motor Works, in conjunction with Magpul Industries Corp (a company famous for their firearms) created the Ronin Concept Motorcycle. Ultimately this was such a success that they purchased 47 of the last Buell 1125R’s and 1125CR’s to transform.

Taken from the Japanese word for a Samurai who lost his master, the name “Ronin” was chosen to signify Buell motorcycles that will continue on after the demise of the company.

If you’re interested in reading more about the Ronin, take a look at their website

You can also purchase one or see which ones have already been purchased here.


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