2016 Cape Town Toy Run

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Toys donated over the past few yearsIt’s that time of the year again, time for the annual Toy Run. To be honest, the last Toy Run I attended was a few years back on a very under powered 200cc motard. This year, I’ll be doing it with my wife (I recently got married) on my BMW F800s. There’s been a lot of rumors and talk leading up the the actual announcement of the changes happening this year. There are a few.

The end venue has moved to Kenilworth Racecourse to improve the experience for all the Toy Run participants. There’s more space, better parking and the infrastructure is setup to provide a much safer environment and provide entertainment for adults and children. Everyone should be happy to hear that the start time is now 09:00. There’s nothing worse than walking around in the heat waiting for things to kick off, especially if you’re at the back of the queue.

As per usual, you can still donate any toy, this year, more so than any of the previous years, the focus is on educational toys. Although you’re free to donate any toy you wish, they are calling for educational toys.

As you can imagine, with an event of this magnitude, there are lots of costs involved. Over the past years the Toy Run has actually been running at a substantial loss. Therefore two big changes were implemented this year. First of all, this year, for the first time, an events company called Colourworks are in charge of organising the event. They are simply streamlining operations and aren’t charging the Toy Run anything for their services. If the Toy Run does make some profit, they’ll get a percentage, with the balance going back to the charity organisations the Toy Run supports, but there is no guarantee.

Secondly, this year, you’ll be asked an admission fee to enter the entertainment area. You can still drop off your toys for free, but if you want to access the general entertainment area, you’ll have to buy a ticket at the cost of R50. This really isn’t a lot of money and the bulk of it is going to a good cause anyway. There are a few other options of VIP picnic areas at a higher cost available as well.

Date 27 November 2016, at 09:00
Starting points Northern Suburbs : Grand West Casino
Southern Suburbs : Ottery Centre
End venue Kenilworth Racecourse

Head over to Computicket to book your ticket.

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