100 000km on a K1300S

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BMW K1300s with 99 999km

The magical numbers on Peter’s 2013 K1300s

After the 99 999km mark

Apparently there’s space for one more digit

Peter and his wife on a trip

Peter and his wife on a trip

It’s not often you see a motorcycle in such a fantastic condition as this one, with 100 000km on the odometer. Let alone a relatively young model such as this 2013 model BMW K1300S that belongs to Peter Mouthaan from Belgium.

Peter told us that he hit the magical mark of 100 000km earlier this month (November 2016). He does a lot of commuting (120 – 180km a day) and the occasional day trip with his other half.

One very dirty, but happy, K1300s

Judging by the photos, Peter is no ‘fair-weather biker’, and doesn’t mind getting the bike dirty.

Along the way he’s had a bumpy ride, a few accidents (although none were his fault), as well as a couple of mechanical issues. Peter says the bike went back the dealer three times for faulty items and the engine had to be replaced at 35 000km.

He also said that although he owns a very fun ’89 Vmax with a sidecar, he loves his BMW.

I think this man deserves a Bells!

The K1300S with Akrapovic exhaust

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